DOE, DPWH, NEA and Electric Cooperatives Finally Pushed Through with Round Table Discussion/TWG

On February 21, 2017, representatives from the DOE, DPWH, NEA, Electric Cooperatives and Representative Carlos Roman Uybarreta finally met at the DOE to discuss the joint DOE-DPWH Circular on relocation compensation of electric cooperatives’ facilities. Present in the said meeting were Undersecretary Petronilo Ilagan of DOE, Undersecretary Karen Jimeno of DPWH, Division Manager Federico Villar of NEA’s Technical Operations Division, PHILRECA President Jose Raul Saniel, PHILRECA GM Wendell Ballesteros, QUEZELCO II GM Victor Cada and ISECO GM Egdon Sabio.
Some issues that had been tackled during the discussion are the following:
-The computation of the proper compensation payable to the electric
– Period to notify electric cooperatives affected by the relocation.
– Period to relocate electric poles.
– Revisit the provision on the prospectivity of the joint circular.
– Deletion of the section requiring electric cooperatives to submit bonds.
-Provision allowing electric cooperatives to relocate along road right of way.
-Constant coordination between the implementing agency and the concerned
electric cooperatives from the project planning stage to the project
Subsequent meetings were conducted to thresh out the above mentioned issues with the final meeting held on March 15, 2017. The signing of the joint circular is expected to be on the 3rd week of March 2017.